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iPractice on an iPad – Learn How to Successfully Integrate your iPad into your Law Practice Today!

You have an iPad, but you’re not using it very much in your practice. Sure you can check e-mail, surf the web, and make some birds angry. But this was supposed to be an investment in making your practice more mobile and better organized! I designed the brand-new iPractice on an iPad course to show you step-by-step how to get files on to the iPad and organize them. You’ll also learn about the best apps for managing files and annotating PDF documents.

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AiL014 – Jeff Alford saves typing time with TextExpander

My guest today is Jeff Alford of the Alford Law Office in Paducah, KY, which is waay over in WESTERN Kentucky (also the home of the National Quilt Museum). In this episode, Jeff explains how TextExpander saves time every single day in his practice and shares some great tips & tricks.

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AiL011 – Sean Harris can’t work without Notability in his litigation practice

My guest today is Sean Harris who I have known for many years going back to our first year in law school together in 1997. Sean is a name partner at Kitrick, Lewis & Harris Co., L.P.A. in Columbus, OH, where as a well-respected trial lawyer he focuses primarily on wrongful death, product liability, and personal injury. Sean talks about how he takes notes in depositions and client meetings on his iPad with Notability.

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3 Amazingly Useful iPad Tips for Lawyers

Today I want to share 3 amazingly useful tips that will make you an iPad iWizard! I call these “practical productivity tips” because they will be so helpful in how you incorporate your iPad into your practice every day. And if you like these 3 tips, then stayed tuned at the end for a brief announcement about a new course I’m launching called iPractice on an iPad.

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Readdle App Updates from May 2017 – Documents 6 & Drag n’ Drop

Today I wanted to discuss some significant announcements & changes that Readdle made at the end of May for iPad users. Readdle makes some of my favorite productivity apps for the iPad (such as Documents, PDF Expert, and Scanner Pro) but in May 2017 they announced an incredible feature that allows you to drag n’ drop files from one Readdle app to another.

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AiL010 – Patrick Best manages and annotates his files in iAnnotate

My guest today is Patrick “PJ” Best who is an attorney at ARM Lawyers based in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. PJ works on social security and disability claims, and is also an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Patrick talks about how he uses iAnnotate on his 12.9″ iPad Pro to manage, organize, and annotate all the files & documents he has to juggle in his practice.

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