TrialDirector for iPad – Dynamic presentation app for trials and more

TrialDirector for iPad – Dynamic presentation app for trials and more

Download TrialDirector for iPad (FREE!)

Today’s app is TrialDirector for iPad from InData Corporation, the developer of the #1 trial presentation software for Windows computers. TrialDirector for iPad is completely FREE and requires at least iOS 7.1.

InData has been doing trial presentation software for a LONG time and created the powerhouse presentation software TrialDirector in 1996. The software allows lawyers to project and show documents, images, and videos on a screen, with tools to dynamically mark up those documents and “zoom” into specific sections.

The original TrialDirector software was obviously for Windows only, but Indata developed their iPad app in October 2012. The iPad app is NOT a FULL replacement for their flagship Windows software. Rather, it’s meant to supplement their Windows software although the free app works wonderfully by itself.

Getting Your Documents and Files from Your Computer on to Your iPad

The first step is to get your documents and files from your computer on to your iPad. The most common method is to use a cloud-based storage service like Dropbox. The app also supports Box, OneDrive and the WebDAV protocol.

If you organize all your documents into a folder on your computer in Dropbox, you can simply download the entre folder into TrialDirector for iPad.You can also use the iTunes software on your computer to do the transfer.

If you use TrialDirector on Windows, you can create Workbooks on your computer and then export them as TDM files that easily import into the iPad app through either Dropbox or iTunes.

Show Your iPad Screen on a Projector or Widescreen TV

Next you need to show your iPad on a projector or widescreen TV. You can do this via the “wired” method with an adapter for HDMI or VGA cables but most folks prefer the “wireless” method using an Apple TV connected to a projector or TV.

When you first fire up TrialDirector on the iPad, everyone can see the “backend.” I recommend immediately tapping the “mirroring button” to have your external screen go black (with TrialDirector logo).

Callouts and Annotations for Your Documents

TrialDirector for iPad doesn’t have a TON of tools for annotation, but they certainly have the ones you’ll use most often.

To show a document, select it on the left side and it appears in the presentation screen. You can use the iPad’s pinch-to-zoom feature to zoom into a section, but most folks will tap the callout button and draw a rectangle around the area you want your audience to focus on.

You can then highlight text. You can tap and hold the button to change the color of your highlight. You can also use the “free hand” drawing tool in multiple colors.

There’s also a laser pointer (kinda cheesy and you can’t change the color here) and a Redaction tool.

When you need to switch to another document, you can tap the “Pause” button to “freeze” the screen, find another document and then tap “Show.” If there’s an objection about something on the screen, tap “Clear” to black out the screen.

One of my favorite features is the “Export Annotations to PDF” button. Tap this when you want to take a “snapshot” of all your work. TrialDirector saves it as an extra PDF and appends a sequential numeral to the end of the filename.

It’s FREE!

Did I mention that TrialDirector for iPad is COMPLETELY FREE?? It’s fairly obvious that InData is using this as a gateway for getting new customers to check out their full-featured software for Windows computers … nothing wrong with that.

But if you try out the TrialDirector app and like the idea of presenting from your iPad, you should consider investing in a much-more polished app called TrialPad.

However, if your firm already USES the TrialDirector software on Windows, then it’s a no-brainer to stick with the TrialDirector iPad app so you can take advantage of the easy transfer between the applications.

Download TrialDirector for iPad for FREE from the link below and give it a try. And remember it’s NOT JUST for trials and courtrooms – you can use TrialDirector for iPad anytime you’re showing a document to an audience and you want them to focus on a specific section of your document.

Download TrialDirector for iPad (FREE!)